This is a space to explore current thinking in many disciplines from science, philosophy, mathematics, psychology, social science, etc. Here you will find a list of formal academic articles, formal/informal essays, as well as notes and ideas on subjects of general interest. Such subjects include (but are not limited to) studies at the intersection of human society, human behaviour, epistemology, philosophy of science, history and ethics. The content is a mixture of old and new, edited and unedited.

systems theory

Systems, Functions and Technological Futures

By R.C. Smith Recently, I explored the idea of a social function operation. It takes from the basic mathematical concept of a function, with its domain and range, and extrapolates, or, in the very least, dra...

On Current Events, Evolution and Civilization

R.C. Smith As far back as 4 million years ago and the period of Australopithecus afarensis, the standard model of hominin evolution offers valuable pieces of insight as to the importance of humanity's great ...