About Me


I am an academic, author and physics student. Currently on the long road to a PhD in physics, my main interest is in and around the area of theoretical particle physics. I also have an ongoing and deep-seated enthusiasm for astrophysics, especially theoretical astrophysics. I’m interested in science in general and also mathematics. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring various mathematical concepts, proofs, and first principles, as well as studying and writing in many other specialist fields across the natural and social sciences.

To date I have published ~100 academic articles across a variety of specialisms. In recognition of my studies I’ve been offered opportunities to lecture at university and awarded a teaching-scholar position in philosophy of science at the Cooperative Institute for Transnational Studies. In 2016, as a result of my developing a cross-disciplinary research programme in the area of human and social sciences, I had a book published by Palgrave Macmillan titled Society and Social Pathology: A Framework for Progress (2017).

I have a high-functioning form of Asperger’s. I speak two languages, English and Swedish. I also plan to learn German when time permits.

This website and the different blogs were created as a space for me to explore and share some of my thoughts and interests, as well as document my scholarship in a range of areas. The content is a mixture of formal publications and informal essays as well as personal notes, with my new philosophy blog offering a selection of some older writings mixed in with more recent articles. I have written piles and piles of essays and articles over the years on such subjects as epistemology, social theory, history, psychology, science and the scope of knowledge, among many other things. My philosophy blog is a space to share some of these works, as and when I see fit to publish them. My physics blog will be the most active, but I also plan to write about mathematics (and maybe even things like computer science and information theory) from time to time.